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Welcome to Pretty Shore Jewellery, where each piece of jewellery is carefully handmade with love in the coastal county of  Pembrokeshire, Wales. Primarily working with sterling/fine silver, I often like to use a variety of gemstones in the jewellery I design, with aim to reflect their raw, natural beauty creating a minimal and meaningful piece.

I aim to provide cherished jewellery that is comfortable, light and beautifully designed for any occasion.  Being environmentally friendly is very important to me, therefore I use minimal/to no plastic in the packaging and are always on the lookout for more eco friendly alternatives.

100% recyclable box

Tape made from Recycled plastic

Natural – eco –  bags

I wanted to create a business with a mission, I aim to raise awareness for various charities and causes in and outside of the UK by donating a percentage of profits to the chosen charity. At present time the charity chosen is, The Wave Project UK, a project providing ‘surf therapy’ sessions to young people all over the UK, helping them reduce anxiety and build resilience. To find out more about this incredible project, head to the ‘My Mission’ page.

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