Our Mission

My mission is to raise awareness for various charities and causes in and outside of the UK by donating a percentage of profits to the chosen charity.

At the present time the chosen charity is The Wave Project. The Wave Project offers ‘surf therapy’ courses which are designed to help children & young people reduce anxiety and build resilience. Their support aims to help children & young people:

  • Feel more positive about themselves       
  • Become more resilient to cope with other problems in their life
  • Have great self-esteem and self-worth
  • Improve ‘social wellbeing’- the ability to make friends and form social relationships

The Wave Project has grown from a charity based solely in Cornwall to one that operates all over the UK, spreading the positive effects of surf therapy across the nation.

Go to www.waveproject.co.uk to find our more about this incredible charity that is helping many young people reduce anxiety and build resilience. Take a look at the inspiring stories of young individuals.

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